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Meet The Team

With our team's experience, training and knowledge of financial products and services, our clients receive the top-quality, cost-effective financial guidance they deserve, designed to help them realize their financial goals.

Our Team

Beth Kaufman

Financial Professional

(610) 660-4098

As a Financial Professional at Equitable Advisors, my goal is to provide value to my clients and prospective clients at every meeting and educational event. By starting with a snapshot of where you are today, I help create a roadmap to guide you to your professional and personal goals.

I develop insurance and investment programs for my clients which include families, individuals, and corporations. With my specialties being life insurance strategies, long-term care, investment strategies and risk management strategies, I am able to provide diversified plans to meet the needs of my clients. 

My mission is to educate my clients so we are able to develop a strong financial strategy together which will enable them to reach their personal goals and professional aspirations.